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Muhammad  Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad

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TemplatesKart | New landing page built with ChakraUI

TemplatesKart provides an easy solution to getting the look you want for your website without having to mess around with too much code.

I launched this website a week ago. Now I updated the following pages UI for better user experience.

  1. Landing Page Sections -
    • Hero Section
    • Key Features
    • Product Overview
  2. Projects Page -
  3. Components Page -

Some key features of TemplatesKart

  • 50+ Components
  • 6 Projects
  • 100% Open Source
  • Typescript Support
  • Light and Dark Mode support for all components
  • Fully Responsive components

Github Repo: TemplatesKart Code


Landing Page

landing page

Projects Page

projects page

Components Page

components page

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