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Muhammad  Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad

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Find out 8 new chakraUI components that I built

Hi folks,
I added 8 new components to TemplatesKart website. So I want to share them with you. Please check these components and let me know about your suggestions if you have any.

Here are the components list

  1. Cards
    • Product card
    • Exclusive offer
  2. Blog
    • With transparent background
    • Blog list with tag
  3. Forms
    • Magic link
  4. Testimonials
    • With Large image
    • Card with avatar
    • Card with avatar 2

Some Screenshots

Magic link
Magic link

Blog card
Blog card

Testimonial card
Testimonial card

Product card
Product card


Website: TemplatesKart
Github Repo: TemplatesKart Code

Top comments (3)

aligerm profile image

Well designed components and projects 👍

vpgmackan profile image

Those are som well designed components. Keep working like that. Don't give up!

m_ahmad profile image
Muhammad Ahmad

Thanks a lot 🙂