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Muhammad  Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad

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Create ROR+React(RR) App with Tailwindcss

APP Overview

RailsReactBlog is a CRUD app.

This App will help you:

  • To configure and create a CRUD Rails application with React.
  • To configure and use Tailwind in React-Rails(RR) app.
  • To show custom alert messages by using Tailwind.


This is currently an ongoing project. I am thinking about adding a user log in, signup module, and also comments functionality.

Built with

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Reactjs (react hooks, react-router)
  • React-icons
  • Tailwind used for styling

Demo Link: reactOnrails
Here is a Github Repo. This app is very simple to use. Follow Setup section instructions on github to use it.
GitHub Repository: RailsReact Blog

It is my 2nd project in React Series. I have also created a React Blog app with chakraUI.
Demo Link: reactBlog
Post: Dev

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