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APIOLOGY a PHP API light framework

Just released a php api framework, to make things easy in order to handle backend requests in any host using php.

It can be found here

What I loved about it is the way it can handle http headers, including Origin, Methods and Authorization.

At the moment it just have BasicAuth and ApiKey available.

The versioning works great, no need to reinvent the wheel. To create a version is as easy as the following:

  • Add version name and status to settings
  • Create a folder with the Version Number i.e: v2
  • Copy resources.php from v1 folder and paste it inside the new version folder.
  • Use a Namespace according to the version i.e.: Apiology\Api\Resources\V2

for testing purposes, it has instruction on how to run a docker container, instructions and be read here

Love to have a review about it and improvements are always welcome.


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