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Getting Started with winfetch, A neofetch Alternative for Windows

Today I released a new tool called winfetch. I decided to make this as an excuse to learn the language Go and also because screenfetch/neofetch solutions on Windows in the past were extremely unreliable. I knew I would be limited as far as what I could display since we don't get as many cool libraries Unix systems get. I found a great module called ghw which allows you to query and obtain system/hardware information.

I thought it would be a great way to share it by writing a blog post about it. Winfetch is extremely simple to use thanks to how awesome Go is as a language and distribution platform. I was easily able to make my module distributed through GitHub so all you have to do to install it is run:

go get
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Once you do this you can add winfetch as a command to your $PROFILE.

You are able to customize what information you want displayed with the tool along with which colors and ASCII art is displayed. Below you can see two examples of configuration setups using winfetch:



As you can see you can easily add custom ASCII art. There is more information on the GitHub page which is available below:

GitHub Source and Readme -

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