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Impactful Coding Communities?

Michał Gacka
I'm a web developer and a machine learning engineer using code to build stuff online.
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I've been toying with the idea of creating some kind of a dev community that only wants to apply their skills to socially impactful, "good" or hippie projects. A place where programmers with shared values of improving the world around them could meet, join together into workgroups, explore ideas, etc.

I personally find it difficult to know where to direct my energy whenever I decide to leave my previous job/project and would benefit a lot from having a network that I know focuses on things that I care about. I could then reach out and easily find opportunities based on the trust developed in that community.

Do you know of any initiatives like that? Would you want to be a part of it?

// forgive the creepy cover image -> that's what google thinks a hippie techie looks like

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Jan Peterka (he/him)

There's this community of volunteers in my country (Czechia) called Česko.Digital, trying to push digitalization and smart technological solutions, helping NGOs and government organisations (they participated on creating official Covid info portal for example). I don't know of any global community, but I would love to see and join one.

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Michał Gacka Author

Hi Jan! Made me happy to see you engage with this post so late after I published it. I was a bit disspointed to not hear from anyone. Would you be interested in co-creating some kind of global community?

I'm mostly interested right now in software engineers that are committed to both doing work that helps the planet and the society and also to improving their communication and emotional intelligence standards and maintaining coding hygene beyond what's usually considered normal in the industry.

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Jan Peterka (he/him)

It sounds great, I'm not sure I have energy or qualification for trying to start this kind of project.
But on the other hand I would be interested in discussing some base thought and approaches, so I'm open for some sort of meeting/call/.. in October or later.