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OrgManager: Free invite system for your GitHub Orgs

Miguel Piedrafita
👋 Hi! I'm an 19-year-old who loves to make stuff
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GitHub Organizations are an awesome way to manage open-source teams or group your brand’s open-source projects, and they’re also a great way to collaborate with strangers from all around the world. This “open GitHub Organizations” are organizations that everyone can join if they ask to.

I noticed that GitHub organizations were missing a better invite system: you can add people to an organization, but you can’t setup a “Join this organization” button to appear at the top of the organization page.

This means future members need to:

  1. Ask for an invite (most “open organizations” have an issue you can comment to get one).
  2. Wait until an administrator sees your message and sends you an invite.

This process can take from a day to a week.

When I discovered this, I was learning Laravel, so I thought I could build a small application using Laravel and the GitHub API to make the process faster and easier. The result was called OrgManager.

OrgManager: Free invite system for your GitHub Orgs
The OrgManager logo

For your organization, using OrgManager is simple: go to the home page and click on the login link. Then, you’ll be redirected to GitHub, where you need to authorize OrgManager to administer the organizations you want to use it with. Then, you’ll be presented with a dashboard, where you can get the link you have to share with your users, password-protect the page, invite users to GitHub Organization Teams, sync or delete the organization from OrgManager.

For your users, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy: they open the link you shared, click a big button, and they’re in!

Wanna use it? Sign up at the OrgManager Hosted Version or self-host it.

Finally, you can support me on Patreon to help me maintain the project and keep the hosted version up.

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