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Alyssa Falcione
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Computer Science versus The Science I Know

Well, I’m officially en route. On my way to switching over to a new field of science. When I tell people, everyone says "What a drastic change!" They're not wrong. Veterinary Science is already so vastly different from most other biological sciences. Then compare it to Computer Science; They're in different dimensions! I’m still a newbie to the world of CS, but I can tell you the differences I’ve noticed so far.

My hands are being utilized in a much safer, more elegant way. I haven't once had my mouse try to bite me, or accidentally stabbed myself with the instrument I call my keyboard. I'm not growing different pathogens or replicating viruses. I instead, installed antivirus software. So as far as the safety of the field goes, Computer Science takes the cake.

The attire is comparable. Scrubs versus pajamas. Wait… everyone codes in their PJ’s, right? I'm not afraid to admit that I have been. I like to be cozy while learning.

I haven't once heard the mention of grant writing, nor have I had to sit next to the "stinky" one in the lab. And by stinky, I’m referring to the scientist that grows stinky bacteria. This new field seems to smell much better.

So far, those are the main differences I have found. I know there will be more to come, and maybe I'll come back here and share with you my very scientific findings.

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