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Mik Seljamaa 🇪🇪
Mik Seljamaa 🇪🇪

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Smelling the Coffee

While I Sip My Covfee...

A few years on and looking back at the Occupy movement.
What has happened is exactly what the lecturers and political agitators warned us of and then some...
We are smelling the coffee in the morning and accepting the world as it is because we've been blinded from the truth.

What truth in a world of Massive Online Fake News? Well curated for everyone with a personal touch to keep us in our favourite semiospherical bubbles within the e-village that lacks our choice.

The hope of a global village that transcends nation state citizenship and connects everyone is waning fast.

The global village and the e-villages run by the gigacorporations are polar opposites. One has a massive diversity and open to many to many connections the other is an (evil) closed village ruled by a few who have secret police and brainwashed with a suitable bubbly shampoo with your favourite flavour.

We are Fast Becoming Slaves

Slaves > Serfs > Wage-slaves > ... > ?Thought-slaves?

Perhaps in the knowledge economy and age of informatics we will ever more quickly and skilfully be managed and programmed into thought-slaves.

It is not the type of thoughts expressed that would be criminalised in this 1984. Free speech now has rules of guidance.

It will be inner speech and thought itself in a short decade that clashes against our bastion of freedom.

Democracy is in Management (Bankruptcy of Power is about to be declared)... yet again!


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