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Self review 2019-2020

I have a slew of problems that might hinder my personal success and development.
I have difficulty with starting and also with getting to a resolution.
While they could equally be points to draw strength from at some later date when some success has been achieved I currently lack belief and harbour many grave doubts.

So what i have tried is
abstinence and sobriety. -- not enough to achieve greatness but with them at least i am through the door that continued my life.
studying self help books -- at least i do not drop out from the vision
studying self help influencers and channels -- i occasionaly watch too much of that
writing on the topic of flow and 10X productivity in programming
numerous little attempts to study programming topics --not enough i drop out early
numerous attempts at completing a self paced and self set programming project --not enough i fail eventually
since self efficacy is the problem i keep thinking how to improve on grit resilience and self efficacy itself. I have to believe and stay the course. And perhaps more importantly what distracts me?

...this was in late september, 2019, by then i had cracked a few parts of the problem

exercising self regulation and self discipline are part of the solution
keeping to a morning ritual
small coding exercises or code reading - keeping my mind on the course of programming
daily planning of three points
growing the number of small tasks in my morning ritual list to improve myself

soon after making these findings in september i began to code on a consistent basis…

recently i dropped some of the rituals from my morning practice and the result was a several month long hiatus in programming


that did not create well-being. i am strongly motivated by the endogenous chemistry of intrinsic incentives. and i am just now reviewing my progress and adjusting my morning ritual to include cold showers, daily plans and the nine to five(9 minute timed exercise to find 5 bugs, read 5 functions or write/rewrite 5 lines of code or do 5 refactorings), debugging, as well as code reading rituals , again.

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