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Return to the Source

Twenty odd years ago I found the Programmer's Stone papers published free online. Although the sites have gone down the initial rar file has remained. It is dated and with practically no references.

I have thought about publishing them online for a while and the community seems to be a great platform for them.

The initial research and project was an attempt to hack flow for programmer's and while I have struggled to be successful in programming myself, I do identify with most of what is spoken of in these talks.

Sometimes STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math and Art) and other knowledge workers seem to fall into the type the group of Reciprocality called mappers. So this course is not just limited to programmers. Sometimes mappers could be managers. The core idea seems be the self confident application of self awareness (metacognition) to self-directed learning (metalearning) in order to level up development of the self .

While the self development industry has caught on to much of the science that now supports this project I hope that reviewing the original papers could make an impact to someone again.

But take note that the world of programming has made a lot of progress from that time. We are still struggling with many of the issues that surfaced way back in 1968... The peak of programmer performance at the top level is still a wonderful but rare event!

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