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Mandate Yourself

There are many more packers than mappers alive today. One purpose of this course is to explain effective mapping techniques, but others are to explain why for many of us, our insights do not seem to be endorsed by others. We have to recognize when our concerns as artisan programmers are not understood by packer colleagues so that we can get them habituated to complex phenomena taking a while to think about. We also have to accept that being right is not necessarily being popular, but that a personal commitment to solid work often brings a more fulfilling and less stressful environment than any ostrich behaviour could.

We must also recognize that it is possible to communicate effectively with mappers, even those who are outside of your domain. While accepting that there is a specific communication barrier with some, we must also recognize that with others, communication is often much easier than we might expect.

We must also keep in mind a clear understanding of the boundaries of our own responsibility. When talking to a customer about a subject which he does not seem to grasp the essential points of, remember that our personal, self-imposed goal of finding the best answer does not necessarily mean forcing the customer to accept that answer alone. Any contemplation that throws up one strategy usually throws up several others as well, each with strengths and weaknesses. You can always summarise these, and content yourself with the knowledge that you have done a good job of exploring the options and explaining the choices to the customer. If, with full understanding, the customer makes what you would see as a stupid choice, well how else can the customer organization learn?

You don't have to save the world, just your bit and as much of the rest as you can reach!

Copyright (c) Alan G Carter and Colston Sanger 1997

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