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DAY 2 Conclusion

As a lot of the stuff has aged I think I should point out a couple of things in DAY 2 of the course:
The attempt to get to a sufficient level of clean code seems more important now than it was before the clean code principles were put into a coherent picture. It is good to have brief code but not at the expense of readability. While there are differences between the grasp of understanding commanded by the expert and the proficient one needs to strike a balance and the experts should see that what they find readable may not be so for most programmers.
Brevity is just one in a whole list of goals (readability, beauty, tidiness, maintainability) all of these improve program code. However, they can be at odds with each other so some balance may need to be achieved.
While clean code is nice and very useful as a standard to assume we should not think we got to the peak of programming, it is more important to be open to more developments and keep experimenting with other techniques like object calisthenics or Holub's ideas or whatever new methods get developed.

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