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Top post, for my interests precisely! I would like to add cognitive skills (mental qualities) and social skills (social emotional quotient and people hacking vs solitude) and creativity and more depth to all of your topics. We often exclude prose from the many books we read to have more time for the technical books of our trade, yet it is literature of human situations that requires deeper awareness and insight into their relationships both help to increase mental qualities too and perhaps, to some extent, help to get a handle on the variety of human conditions of our existences. However the inner "game" as a metaphor has an aspect that seems a little short-sighted to me. There is an important difference between divergent and convergent thinking and "games" have rules and these rules are usually mastered in the way of convergent thinking while development and mastering software engineering requires divergent thinking too. Something to ponder on for me too.


Thank you for the insightful comment! The game metaphor is not my own - there were a number of famous books (The innner game of Tennis, the inner game of music and so on) and I'm riffing on that. I think you are correct, understanding, working with and developing mental qualities is a big part of it, especially EQ. I often argue that software development is a creative act, more akin to the composition of music than the building of a bridge. It sounds like you've thought about this a bit already, reach out if you'd like to continue the conversation!


Why not ?!! Delighted, no - thrilled!

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