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What are you learning today?

lynnlangit profile image Lynn Langit ・1 min read
  1. How much time do you spend on learning? What kinds of things do you learn? What is the last thing you learned that you used in production?

  2. How do you learn? Do you learn on your own? Do you read? Watch screencasts? Tinker with code? Use examples or samples? Code from scratch? Do you learn with other people?

  3. What do you do after you learned something? Do you deploy it? Do you test it? Do you tell someone? How do you tell them? Slack? PR on GitHub? Blog post?

  4. Have you 'given up' on learning something? Why? Did you come back to it? Did you get unstuck? How?

  5. Are there patterns on how you learn? A time of day? Place? Mood? Music? If you find an error (in the code, example, data, or documentation) what do you do then?

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  1. I've been reevaluating how much time I spend on learning tech lately. Basically less production work and more focus on learning new things. I learn a LOT. Can't really remember the last thing I learned and used in production.

  2. Mostly on my own based on my interests and my mood? Books are the basics. If i'm in a hurry I listen/watch things.

  3. I always tell someone I guess. If im learning to deploy then I'll deploy it.

  4. I don't really give up on learning things. It's just that the timing is not always right and you have to prioritize something over another. Pile of things I want to learn just waiting for the proper time and energy. I come back to things very often

  5. Mood + Place + Music sometimes. Usually learning in the morning is better but not a fact. If I find an error in the code I will make a comment or something.

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Lynn Langit Author

Thanks for your answers. It's so interesting to understand how developers learn.

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Richard • Edited


  1. I tend to spend most of the day learning. I'm currently learning React, so that's what I'm doing at the moment.

  2. I tend to watch YouTube tutorials and build along with them, it comment to life out of the code so that afterwards I can take written notes from what I've learned to help consolidate.

  3. I often try to add extra features to practice what I have learned if the tutorial builds out a project. I then use the documentation to make some extra notes on how the 'stuff' I've learned works.

  4. Yes! first time I started learning react I was super overwhelmed by this whole JSX, HTML like syntax in JavaScript, I came back to it because I was determined to use React, not sure why but I was urged to be able to use React, it was the next step I would either take on Vue, Angular or React out of which I found React had nicer looking code. I got unstuck by taking it slowly reading the docs and realising that its not too bad.

  5. I tend to lean in chunks throughout the day sometimes with LoFi music, but more often than not I have something playing in the background like a YouTube video ;D . If I come across a new error I will google it and there would probably be someone who answered a question like this on stack overflow and if not then I read the documentation; if it's not a new error I have probably seen it before and will try to debug my self. I feel I get use to errors over time. For example I've come across SO many python errors over the 3 Years of Python Development that I don't tend to need to look them up as over time you understand what certain error messages want from you.


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Lynn Langit Author

super interesting - thanks for sharing!