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New Career Hunt

I'm terrible! I missed my post last week. The week just slipped right past me! Now, it's already mid-week and I haven't shared anything with you.

So here's what I've been up to.

I'm about two and a half months in my coding journey and starting to look what kind of jobs are out there for me in the Dev world. I want to be realistic but also challenge myself to learn what employers are looking for.

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Searching for jobs is extremely daunting especially since I've been in a very different career for the last 10 years. I am pretty sure that Pharmacy Program Director !== Web Developer in any way. At least I haven't done any dev stuff as a part of my job in the pharmacy. The closest I got to web development was customizing a little HTML in course modules for my students. Now look at me! I'm here learning full on web design and development and I'm really loving it.

Where do I start looking?

We have your major job search engines like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor. I think that all of these are great to find something in your area. There are remote jobs that are available in there as well (more so because of the pandemic), but I think that most seeking employers on these sites are local and remote work is temporary. I did found a couple of local dev jobs that could be suitable for my level of experience! Yay!

My cousin gave me a great website if you're strictly looking for remote jobs called Remote OK. There's also I absolutely love these. I am open to working in an office, but I've grown very fond of working remotely. The opening I did find that stood out to me had already closed a couple days before which is a bummer.

My online portfolio.

I have started to build my online portfolio and it's going great. I'm learning a lot and brushing up on a lot of code that I've learned so far. I've also been creating more code cards to go onto my site for reference. It's going to be amazing! I can't wait to share it with you once it's all done.

Help a fellow dev!

If anyone knows of employers in the Las Vegas area or remote employers hiring someone who loves design, learning code, and willing to grow--please send them my way! Or if you have any advice, suggestions, or pathways for a beginner dev looking for a job, I would appreciate the help so much.

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Well, I'm going to get back at it and I wish the best of luck to everyone looking for new careers in the dev world and to those building their never-ending portfolios!

Until next time,
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Gary Bell

Keep plugging away and looking at freelance work for smaller projects.

Find open source projects which are either front end frameworks themselves, or are looking for front end development.

For a full time paid role, try looking for graduate or entry level jobs. Some of the best developers I've met don't have a degree. Some hiring managers won't consider you without a degree in some computer science discipline, personally I use "graduate developer" as a role to mean "anyone with the right aptitude and basic skills wanting their first role".

Most importantly...don't give up

lynnecodes profile image

This is very helpful and encouraging. Thank you Gary!

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Eat, code, sleep.


You got this.

lynnecodes profile image

Haha. That sounds simple enough! Thanks Andrew!

vitalykrenel profile image
Vitaly Krenel

Hey Lynne (and other devs around)! 👋

I've recently published

which is a great starting point for understanding how to approach the job searching. Take a look!

I think with your previous experience, you are already quite familiar with many of them, but I think it still can be help you with your job searching endeavor!

Unfotunately, don't have any LA based companies who are hiring, but I know that expercast are hiring (it's a easter europe company), might worth to take a look:

Like your recommendations of and Remote OK - those are super great platform for more experienced engineers, but I wonder whether those platforms are friendly for less experienced junior engineers. 🤔

I couldn't find many junior position postings out there, unfortunately.