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I have two screenshots to show, they're both using the Gruvbox colourscheme. The dark one is my desktop and the light one is my laptop. Due to where in the house I use them and the generally crappy quality of the laptop screen I have to use the light version there because the dark one is nearly unreadable due to being so washed out.

Dark/Desktop (Full size)
Screenshot of NeoVim
Light/Laptop (Full size)
Screenshot of NeoVim

I like to keep things pretty plain and uncluttered, so I mostly use Tim Pope's plugins that enhance existing vim features instead of loading it down with a lot of fancy IDE-like things.

Edited to add
My terminal emulator is the XST fork of the Suckless.org Simple Terminal, and the font is Hermit :)


Once I tried to create something like this. These types of vims are so beautiful.


My dotfiles are all up at gitlab.com/kungtotte/dotfiles :)

The most relevant one is obviously init.vim.

My terminal gets its configuration from .Xresources. If you use a different terminal, this obviously doesn't apply.


Sorry for the abysmal quality but here's my spacemacs setup:



The color theme and rainbow parentheses colors are so compatible and beautiful!


Thanks! That's the city lights doom theme.


Can't see it... Maybe you forgot your image link.


Ahh sorry, I forgot to add it in the markdown. I've edited it.


Just a scrub using a very simple Visual Studio Code setup, don't mind me... 🙃

Visual Studio Code setup



One day I swear I'll clean up the rainbow fest of my color scheme :).