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I18n in StimulusReflex

How do you use I18n in your Reflexes?

There is an official approach in the Documentation of StimulusReflex to do that.

However, here's another one:

# ./app/reflexes/application_reflex.rb
class ApplicationReflex < StimulusReflex::Reflex
  around_reflex :switch_locale


  def switch_locale(&action)
    # replace `session[:locale]` with your custom logic
    locale = session[:locale] || I18n.default_locale
    I18n.with_locale(locale, &action)
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Yes, it is basically the same thing as Rails suggests for Managing the Locale across Requests.

This way I like that all reflexes have the locale set by default, and I do not have to care about it anymore when adding new reflexes.

What's your experience/opinion regarding I18n in StimulusReflex?

(Cover image by Nareeta Martin on unsplash)

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