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5 Best Gnome Shell Extensions

My preferred desktop environment is Gnome, which I've been using since 2018.
I admit that extensions greatly improve the experience and were what initially drew me to GNOME.

I've brought my necessary extensions with me. I'm hoping you like it.

I'm currently using ubuntu 20.04 LTS and GNOME 3.36.8

1. Use Theme

It's a fantastic addition for customization. Use Themes enabling us to modify the GNOME Shell theme, giving us the opportunity to fully customize our experience.

2. Dash to Dock

This plugin takes the dash out of the overview and converts it into a dock so that apps can be launched more easily and windows and desktops can be switched between more quickly. There are placement possibilities on the side and bottom.

3. Clipboard Indicator

This useful application creates a little clipboard icon in the tray and, as a result, saves a history of the contents of the clipboard so you may quickly re-copy them in the future. You can instantly turn on/off a private mode as needed and define the memory cache size (for example, last 10 items or last 100 things).

4. ArcMenu

Similar to the Start menu in Windows, Arc Menu is a more "conventional" app menu for GNOME Shell that can be accessed from the desktop. But this item is much more flexible than Windows' Start Menu.

5. Sound Input & Output Device Chooser

Displays a list of sound input and output devices in the status menu below the volume slider (similar to the gnome sound settings).

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