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A month in rav1e - February

rav1e is an AV1 encoder written in Rust

Here a quick summary of what happened last month. I will try to write a recap every month.

February Summary

We poured lots of work on improving the encoding speed, you may read some details of the journey:

The benchmarks are prepared using speed-levels-rs.

The encoder is using the following settings:

--threads 16 --tiles 16 -l 100 <file> -o <encoded> -s <level>

The source file is Bosphorus from the ultravideo test sequences, the 1080p 10bit version is the 4k 10bit version scaled down, since it is not available on the website.

alt text

Overall our aarch64 support is getting fairly good, but there is still a lot of room for improvement on 8bit.

On the other hand there are 10bit optimizations it that aren't yet available for x86_64. Help in improving our SIMD coverage is very welcome :)

alt text

Digging deeper


As expected the memory layout optimization that happened between p20210209 and p20210216 had the largest impact on the speed 0 and 1, while optimizing and tuning the temporal rdo lookahead computation has the largest impact on speed level 9 and 10.

Speed Level p20210209 p20210216 p20210223
0 x1.23 x1.29 x1.30
1 x1.20 x1.24 x1.33
2 x1.08 x1.11 x1.22
3 x1.04 x1.07 x1.25
4 x1.04 x1.06 x1.24
5 x1.05 x1.07 x1.27
6 x1.04 x1.05 x1.37
7 x1.03 x1.06 x1.36
8 x1.04 x1.06 x1.39
9 x1.00 x1.02 x1.52
10 x1.00 x1.01 x1.94

alt text

The x86_64 10bit encoding is behaving similarly. Our SIMD support for it received a large boost in January and there is an ongoing effort to improve it even further in March.

Speed Level p20210209 p20210216 p20210223
0 x1.12 x1.12 x1.17
1 x1.10 x1.11 x1.26
2 x1.04 x1.04 x1.23
3 x1.00 x1.02 x1.28
4 x1.01 x1.02 x1.27
5 x1.02 x1.02 x1.29
6 x1.00 x1.01 x1.37
7 x1.01 x1.01 x1.37
8 x1.00 x1.01 x1.38
9 x0.99 x1.00 x1.50
10 x0.99 x1.00 x1.95

alt text


The impact of the optimizations on aarch64 had been more radical with a fairly large relative improvement on speed 10.

Speed Level p20210209 p20210216 p20210223
0 x1.14 x1.15 x1.31
1 x1.11 x1.10 x1.59
2 x1.03 x1.03 x1.63
3 x1.03 x1.01 x1.76
4 x1.01 x1.01 x1.77
5 x1.02 x1.01 x1.88
6 x1.02 x1.00 x2.07
7 x1.01 x1.00 x2.07
8 x1.02 x1.00 x2.10
9 x1.00 x0.99 x2.45
10 x1.01 x0.98 x4.75

alt text

The 10bit boost is not as extreme, but still substantial.

Speed Level p20210209 p20210216 p20210223
0 x1.13 x1.17 x1.30
1 x1.08 x1.11 x1.54
2 x1.02 x1.05 x1.57
3 x1.00 x1.03 x1.66
4 x1.00 x1.02 x1.67
5 x1.00 x1.03 x1.74
6 x1.00 x1.02 x1.87
7 x1.00 x1.03 x1.87
8 x1.00 x1.02 x1.89
9 x0.99 x1.01 x2.12
10 x0.98 x1.02 x2.96

alt text

I tested on some different aarch64 systems to see if there is a large difference in its behavior.

alt text

The Apple M1 is fairly different, but that's something I would expect. I will talk a bit more about it in other blogposts probably.

Coming next

We already landed additional SIMD for both x86_64 and aarch64, David Barr started working on improving the segment selection and I have eventually came up with the internals architecture that would give us a better thread pool usage while not impacting a lot the overall latency.

March is going to be exciting.

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