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Discussion on: MVC in Unity with Scriptable Objects Part 1

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Rafael Ahrons

loved the article. I'm anxious for the next part.

I've been learning Unity for the past month and I was wondering if I could make an HTTP Request or even structured the project with MVC or another architecture or even Unit Test for the code logic.

And Damn the Debug.Log is useful...

It's only me that doesn't like enum with C# or it's a common problem? I think it's missing something or some value to it. Enum in Java is beautiful.

This thing with Assets Menu just blew my mind

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Cem Ugur Karacam Author

Hi Rafael!
I'm glad you loved it!
My intention is to merge this series with my REST series, keep in touch. Scriptable Objects my favorite in unity, so it was inevitable to mention them in blog of mine :)
Well, as you said, and afaik, you can't use c# enums as you use in java. But I was able to find a workaround for a similar result, link. It's an extension method to enum and works well, you can try it here.

Another alternative that I found recently, and I wouldn't imagine to use enums like this, is here:
enum ext