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Why we chose C over Rust

We recently discussed on our Discord server about why we chose C over Rust for Luos

In the early stages of Luos, Luos engine was written in Rust. However, at the time, Rust was not officially supported for embedded development and it was very time consuming to work with.

Despite this, we persisted with Rust because the code was safe. After a few months, we realized that the market was not ready for Rust in embedded development and that most developers preferred C/C++. Since our technology was already challenging to explain, adding Rust to the mix made it impossible.

As a result, we had to switch back to C. In hindsight, this decision may have reduced the number of developers interested in Luos engine, but it also increased the number of industrial projects using it. We are still a big fan of Rust and hope to be able to move Luos engine back to Rust in the future.

What factors influenced your decision to use a particular programming language for your project?

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