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MAMP, Homebrew, Valet, Docker, Composer,... Which should be chosen?

Embarking on the Laravel journey can feel overwhelming with the myriad of environment setup options available. I've got MAMP installed currently, though I've heard mixed advice about its suitability. Attempting to navigate further, I tried installing Valet, only to discover it necessitates Homebrew and Composer. The installation of Homebrew seems to scatter thousands of files arbitrarily across my system, a phenomenon mirrored by Composer, Valet, and Docker.

To start unraveling this, I'm curious about the destinations of all these files. Curiously, Homebrew's installation also triggers downloads related to Xcode, but why?

Navigating this landscape, it's unclear which tools are redundant. Does Docker serve as a stand-in for Homebrew, or how does Valet fit into the equation with Docker?

Among these tools, which offer a graphical user interface (GUI)?

I'm in search of a solution with a GUI to simplify environment setup, as the current process is fraught with complexities that dent my confidence in preparing my environment for future projects.

My requirements are straightforward - PHP and MySQL on my local machine without the need for managing different versions for various projects.

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