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Discussion on: Tailwind isn't the answer

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Ruaidhri Lumsden

Well said Madi. Thanks for the article, I'll certainly keep this on my reading list in case I do come up against your started issues.

Personally, so far, I love using Tailwind. I just find being able to do my CSS within my markup to be great for productivity, but doesn't feel like 'cheating' because I feel like I still have to understand all of the CSS that it's applying.

I also don't mind having to break out of the abstraction to do some custom CSS in specific cases - for me I don't particularly mind having a long list of utilities such as mt-3, border-2 etc - if it keeps that basic stuff from creating one or, perhaps multiple, large CSS files. It keeps what is in the custom CSS more focused.

Like I said, I haven't really felt like it's limited me so far, but I'll keep this post in mind if I ever feel like it does!