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Github hosted comments

There are a ton of free comment widgets available β€” I tried Disqus, Facebook, Livefyre for example. They all have huge disadvantages β€” privacy, page loading time, number of requests, limit functionality and useless logins to 3rd party systems. But there is a new(at least for me) idea to store comments in Github issues.

The benefits of this approach you get immediately:

  1. Tracking site visitors is reduced to zero. Github itself only sees requests from anonymous IPs.
  2. All comments are written in Markdown, with support for inline code, images, lists, and formatting.
  3. You can use Github's notifications of responses; you don’t even need to go to this site to read comments and participate in the discussions.

Already exist a Github app for that purpose - (no advertizing, my personal recommendation). Check it out on my site -

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