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I use windows because I love my surface book and it's pen, so I can't switch. I'm not a professional programmer but do it as a hobby and also need to write a lot of analysis code at work (medical lab).
WSL2 works nicely. The new windows terminal app is a big improvement.
With those two things and windows 10's multiple desktops I have all the special needs figured out. Granted, there are issues here and there but I it costs me maybe 30mins per month for personal and work related issues to resolve them, and I'm sure I'd have other issues with a different OS when using some non-programming related apps. If I only used my PC for programming though, I'd certainly switch to Linux.

WSL2 is really underestimated though. It works very well for me and is way faster than WSL1 so no matter if it's running a complex analysis function or just compiling some webpack stuff, I've had a great experience so far.

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