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Luke Westby
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Ellie Weekly Update 2017-10-14

Hi friends! I wanted to keep you all updated on what's happening with Ellie. I'll publish a roundup each week that I actually make changes and then archive the related cards in Trello. Here's this week's update:

New Features

  • Put some links in the header. You can find links to Twitter, GitHub, and Trello at the top right of the app.
  • The open section in the sidebar can be closed.
  • Replaced the message in the Ready screen with a button to start compiling.


  • Added a README in the repo that contains info about how to develop Ellie locally.
  • Created a contributor license agreement and linked it to the repo with CLA Assistant
  • Got the live stream going again, check out Friday's stream here


In Progress and Experiments

  • Adding a section to view calls to Debug.log
  • Learning PureScript to see if it's worthwhile to use it to rewrite the build manager.
  • Considering options to abstract the S3 dependency so people don't have to set up a bucket in order to do local development.

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