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What is your favorite CI tool to integrate with a Rails project?

lukewduncan profile image Luke Duncan ・1 min read

I'm looking to integrate a CI into a new Rails project I'm working on. What are your favorite CI tools?

I have experience utilizing CircleCI for my job, but wanted a more low cost tool if there was any out there.

Thanks for the recommendations in advance!

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

At ExamPro our web-app is Rails we use CodeBuild because it costs 0.05 cents per 10 minutes of runtime. We're putting together a talk later this month on how we did it so it will show up here as a video post.

lukewduncan profile image
Luke Duncan Author

Ah yeah was thinking about this. But hooked up my app with Heroku and ended up finding out about

Regardless, thanks for the input!

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Matteo Joliveau

I use CircleCI or Gitlab CI, both awesome and both work with Github repositories.

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Luke Duncan Author

I ended up finding

Exactly what I needed and should be free if I remain within their limits. Something like 100 deploys a month.

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