What is your favorite CI tool to integrate with a Rails project?

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I'm looking to integrate a CI into a new Rails project I'm working on. What are your favorite CI tools?

I have experience utilizing CircleCI for my job, but wanted a more low cost tool if there was any out there.

Thanks for the recommendations in advance!

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At ExamPro our web-app is Rails we use CodeBuild because it costs 0.05 cents per 10 minutes of runtime. We're putting together a talk later this month on how we did it so it will show up here as a video post.


Ah yeah was thinking about this. But hooked up my app with Heroku and ended up finding out about semaphoreci.com

Regardless, thanks for the input!


I use CircleCI or Gitlab CI, both awesome and both work with Github repositories.


I ended up finding semaphoreci.com

Exactly what I needed and should be free if I remain within their limits. Something like 100 deploys a month.

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