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Discussion on: The process of the technical interview - A perspective from CTO's, VP's and Directors of Engineering

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Luke Duncan Author

From all my research and talking to these folks, take-home projects come after the the initial phone screen and at least some kind of technical assessment (mostly through conversation with an engineer and explanation of past projects from the candidate). Also to play devils advocate, if they are close to the final stages and it is a take-home, I would think 3-4 hours of GOOD work is worth it for the engineering salary.

If your thoughts were candidates doing take-home assignments right off the initial phone-screen with a recruiter, then I definitely agree with your point. But if they have had a phone conversation with an engineer who can technically vet them and they are on the closing rounds - then I don't think it is a waste of time on both parts. Especially if it is a company the candidate wants to work for.