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I'm Luke and I pledge to help close the gender gap in 2022!

Much like last year, I intend to give my space to those women who inspired me in the last year.

Check out the work and content of these amazing humans, and leaders. Give them a follow on Twitter if you want to fill your feed with great content, positive takes, and cool tech tips.

Salma Alam-Naylor

One of the literal few people I speak to regularly about ALL of the frustrations in tech, parenting, tech, tech, and tech Twitter. Not just a great human, she is also an amazing leader. While streaming on Twitch, she could pick any old project to wow us with. But, continually pulls out projects which elevate women in tech. Follow for tech tips, memes, and an amazing stream!

Naomi Carrigan

Naomi is a career switching future open source star. When I first met Naomi she was still looking for her first full-time tech role, and now she is an engineer for one of the most important free spaces for folks looking to get into tech, freecodecamp. Follow for great takes, great content, and great open source projects!

Tonya Sims

Hall-of-Fame basketball player–turned Python Engineer and Developer Advocate. Tonya and I just missed each other at Vonage, but now I get to call her my colleague, anyway! Tonya inspires me with how she approaches work, is always super positive, and is a great advocate for the Python community. Follow for great Python content!

Bekah Hawrot Weigel

Bekah just joined us at Deepgram and I'm so excited to see her build our community there. No sooner had Bekah qualified from FlatIron than she had made a more positive impact on her tech community than I have in my decade in tech. It isn't surprising when you see how she tackles work and community projects. Follow for community, code, and life content. Also check out Virtual Coffee, a virtual meetup, community, and podcast, for developers at all stages of their careers.

Sandra Rodgers

Sandra is a former school teacher and now engineer who is now combining both worlds as a Developer Experience Engineer at Deepgram. She has also created some amazing content for Vue 3 which has helped me a ton (because I was being super lazy and avoiding Vue 3 stuff). Follow for great content and hopefully dog pics.

Lauren Lee

Lauren was my manager at Vonage. She always inspired me by championing her colleagues needs before her own. She has an amazing podcast called We Belong Here that aims to interview career changers and folks that are diversifying the tech industry. Follow for great tech content, jealousy inducing beach pics, podcast announcements, and friendly takes.

Laura Czajkowski

Laura is hands down one of the most empathetic people I've had the pleasure to work with. She helped me in 2021 through difficult times with great advice and I'm so grateful to call her a friend. Follow for tweets about tech and industry content, and dog pics!

Lorna Mitchell

Lorna was a colleague of mine at Nexmo, and later Vonage. She completely changed the way I approached equity and empathy. In how Lorna challenged and explained situations, to first hand advice, I learned so much from her. She also makes great content, and her blog is one of a few tech sites even in my bookmarks. Follow for tweets on open source and new content.

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