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Luke Garrigan
Luke Garrigan

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Put Your Dog In Version Control! 🐶

Let me just preface this by letting you know that reading this blog, you will learn:

  • Absolutely nothing.


Last night I had a very strange yet brilliant dream and I feel almost compelled to share it with the world.

Meet Buster:

Buster photo

Recently, Buster has been acting a little differently, he's been really jumpy, barks in the morning and doesn't respond when I shout the bugger. I thought maybe there's a chance he's losing his hearing, I did a google of his symptoms and they seem to match up exactly.

Symptoms of dog losing hearing

Dream 💤

Naturally, I've been worrying about him as my working from home days just wouldn't be the same without his snoring, it's like white noise to me.

It would seem that even my subconscious is worried about the little fluff ball that last night prompted a peculiarly ingenious dream.

Buster, the brilliant Shih Tzu was uploaded to version control, GIT-4-DOGS. Now in my dream, this was completely normal, you'd be absolutely barking not to regularly commit your dog to its repo.

Anyway, in my dream, I was worried about Buster losing his hearing so I decided to check out an earlier version of him Buster_Age_1 so I could perform some tests against the current Buster - Buster_Age_10.

I left the two Busters to introduce themselves to themselves, whilst I went and got a couple frying pans. I peaked my head around the corner to watch their reactions as I smashed the two pans together. Buster_Age_1 jumped a good 2 feet in the air in reaction to the bang. Buster_Age_10 just looked slightly baffled at Buster_Age_1 as he jumped about—that confirmed that.

Let me know your brilliant dreams!

This seems to be a recurring thing, I'm constantly engrossed in the world of software development that my dreams make a sloppy merge of it with reality. 90% of the time though I forget the brilliance in the morning.

I'd love to hear if you've had any dreams related to software development or had any that have been genuinely good ideas (like an app), or just anything even remotely relatable to tech, I want to hear them all!

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paulasantamaria profile image
Paula Santamaría

Omg, Buster is cute! I hope his hearing is ok.

I can't remember any programming related dreams, but I did dream about skyrim once. Life was like a multiplayer skyrim game, except each quest could only be done once and by one player only, so you were constantly struggling to finish it first and get the XP for yourself. Pretty stressful 😅

lukegarrigan profile image
Luke Garrigan

Haha thank you! I don’t think it is we have him booked in to the vets 😞

Hahah oh god that sounds like a stressful dream 😂