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I first dabbled in HTML when I was 11/12-ish I think. My mom had gotten a course from her job and I found it, so I started to learn it a bit. Although I understood the concepts, it wasn't until much later that I could create something worth looking at (and I'm talking when I was 17 in college and finally bothered figuring out how to get CSS to work). Fast-forward to now, 5 years later, I am finally confident about my ability to create pretty neat front-ends for the web apps I write at work without the use of GUI frameworks, so pretty proud of that progress.

Also, in highschool at 14-ish I was introduced to Java at our IT class. We got a course and had to write some simple programs, but it got me started on thinking like a programmer. I wasn't very good at it starting out. I remember my teacher telling me "programming isn't really for you, now, is it?". Still get a good laugh about that, knowing I am now a professional developer.


That’s a very nice story!!

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