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Luiz Felipe Weber
Luiz Felipe Weber

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How many of you use Apache NiFi?

I work on a data integration project, in which data is ingested via NiFi to the cloud.

Is this software used by you or do you recommend another one for Big Data, IOT or another application?

We really like NiFi, because It is highly scalable, resilient, allows back pressure and is open source :)

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Martin Hynar

I do use NiFi and I recommend it.
You have excellent control over the whole data processing pipeline in it. back-pressure is really helpful when facing problems on the target side. Stopping part of the processing? Not a problem. Take a look at data in the middle of the pipeline. Not a problem. And many more perks.

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Siva Ganesh

curently i am working on nifi

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🇺🇦Timothy Spann🇺🇦

I use it for everything