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After work. Some hour(s) during the afternoons and more time during the weekends. I believe that if you think something is important, you will eventually find time for it.
Respecting your calendar is crucial too. That means, if you block time, respect it.

This article is a good inspiration for me: Hope it helps you too =>


I'm currently going through a design course, and I either set an hour for it either before work or after work. I find that "slaying my schedule" (using a website blocker, not spending time watching Netflix, etc.) has been most useful for me for finding the right time.

You can learn more about that in a tiny e-book here:

I like having my weekends free, so I don't usually spend it working on my side project / learning.

This is tangential, but I've also spent a year (sorta) asking this question to multiple people. The actual question is "how do you go about learning something," but I think you might be interested the answers as well. It's something that I still need to distill into a cohesive blog post, but you can find them here:

I think you'll find Una's interview to be the most interesing. She has a structured work / learning style and if I remember correctly she does it during the weekends and she has her projects in public:

Good luck to your side project journey!

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