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Discussion on: Blogging as a Developer

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Luís Costa

This is something I'm interested in. How do you guys find time to write? Do you write in the morning, or the evening after work? I feel like I can't do more code related stuff after work because I'm exhausted. In the morning I go to the gym (5x week) so I don't have that time. I don't like going to the gym in the evening because of a) gym is packed and I can't do my exercise properly and b) there's always something that can come up in the evenings so I end up skipping it. It's kind of hard to find a balance here.. at least in my case. Your thoughts?

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Periklis Gkolias

My plan is to write a post every 10-15 days. I have noticed that if I work half an hour daily regarding writing, it is pretty convenient in terms of time. I have heard other people are writing while standing at queues or while commuting. Or as Ali mentioned, you can devote Saturday mornings, being refreshed to complete half your article or so.

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Pavol Rajzak

There are different kind of posts you can write. It doesn't need to be elaborate research project each time, but if you are able to articulate message in few sentences you can write a post like this within an hour or so.

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Arden de Raaij

Ah I wanted to ask the same question, haha. I find this super insightful, but whenever I work for an employer I find it really hard to keep on blogging. As a freelancer I make some time for it myself, and might work a few hours less on my projects. But now I'm employed again the amount of blogging quickly fades. Just like you I go to the gym in the morning, although when I wake up reheally early I might get 30m of writing in..which for me is like 1/15th of my average blogpost 😅

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Ganesh Kunwar • Edited

As Ali mention in her post, you can take a note of problem and their solution that you face while working and make a blog post in weakened. Which is really helpful to others who are facing same problem and sometimes yourself.

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Ali Spittel

I just make it part of my routine. I also write a lot on weekends when I usually can devote a whole morning to it! I normally get home from evening plans around 8/9 and then spend a few hours working on blogging or code projects! I also usually work Sunday evenings and Saturday mornings!