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CRA default service worker issue

Being a developer for a couple of years, but still got a lot to learn
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I've been working on a PWA which was created with creact-react-app and I'm using the default service worker which uses workbox to cache assets and serve them and the site works fine for some time, but after a period of time the site becomes unreachable until I close the tab and open a new one, or after I clear the service worker storage or after I do a hard refresh, I would like to avoid having that issue. Has anyone had this issue before? I'm new to service workers, haven't used one before, any help and thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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James Hubert

Hey Luisa! This really seems like a great question for StackOverflow. Have you already asked there?

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luisalguien Author

I've already asked on stackoverflow, but I haven't got a response as of now. :(