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Problem upgrading Ubuntu 18.04 on a Dell computer

Bianca Luísa
Graduanda em Análise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas
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Last week I had an interesting problem with ubuntu 18.04. I updated the system using 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade' and for my surprise when I restarted the computer I had no sound e no mic. The only output was Dummy Output. I tried everything tutorial.
So I decided to reinstall using USB boot. Ok... Everything was working fine until the update, AGAIN!
I reinstalled again!
This time, I decided to update using Software Update and it worked!! I don't know why but updating ubuntu 18.04.2 to 18.04.5 with sound and mic functioning properly, just using the Software Update. Is this problem only on Dell G3 3590 or is it a general problem?

(sorry my english, rs)

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Is this a persistent problem?

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Bianca Luísa Author

yes, I can't install any distro I am without sound and mic. Only Dummy Output appears

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Try using linux mint. It's a good distro. We can work on it together via WhatsApp.