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First 10 days

I am 21 years old and up until about 3 months ago I hated computers. I was doing a lot of manual work and now I'm tired of it. Was actually in school to get an HVAC associates. Yes I know, you don't need a degree to start working in the trades, but I have a weird affinity with school as a institution. On twitter and Tik-Tok I've been seeing more people get into coding and web development. The obvious, easiest, and most popular decision to make would be to become a front end dev. That makes sense to me because before all the manual labor jobs I spent most of my time as visual artist. So there's a connection to painting canvases and creating visually astonishing webpages.

On February, 15th I bought a Macbook pro and setup VScode on my computer. (No you don't need a new computer but the laptop I had was used by my cousins girlfriend when she was in college and she graduated in 2013) I made the usual static webpage using HTML only and even added a few colors with tags and attributes I picked up off the many youtube crash courses I've watched. I'm learning new things like how to add forms, links, buttons, images and fonts. All the beginner stuff, but I'm starting to struggle with how to remember it all. I find myself going to other projects I've completed and copying and pasting what I need into the new project.

I bought a HTML/CSS book to follow along with, and it gives you the information to complete 4 projects. A personal page, landing page, photo gallery and portfolio page.

There are obviously challenges that I'm going to face on my journey, and I'm ready to fight through them.

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