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Covid-19, Programming and Optimization

lucpattyn profile image Mukit, Ataul ・1 min read

Had a passing thought in mind:

Covid-19 showed us what happens when we have the mindset to abundantly misuse and waste natural resources and do whatever we please with nature. I find a very similar trend in the programming field as well - since we have enough hardware resources and CPU power, the tendency is to utilize (waste) as much of it possible by implementing questionable algorithms and solution strategies. We have to keep in mind that overuse of hardware resources and burning CPU power has an effect on nature as well. So we should always aim for the best and (super) optimized solutions when there is a chance of over-utilizing hardware resources and let go off convenience once in a while. This is one of the reasons, I am still not convinced about blockchain and functional programming because in my view they use too much resources which could have been saved.

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Abu Sakib • Edited

Bitcoin, crypto are the latest nightmares brought forth by humans for the already devastated earth. I'm all for decentralization, but not this way. Maybe when we've mostly switched to green sources of energy, mining crypto would make sense, but not now.

Mostly everyone I've seen in tech is least concerned about it.

The ignorance and sheer apathy towards the incoming disaster, even in the face of a global pandemic, is baffling,

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