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Discussion on: Getting Cozy With C++

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Mukit, Ataul • Edited

struct and classes looks like the same thing, but using the keyword class instead of struct gives an indication to the reader (of your code) that you are trying to abstract a real world concept into your class. For example, it can be an abstraction/conceptualisation of the animal kingdom,
i.e, a human inherits its traits from a mammal which inherits from animal. Yes, you can use the keyword struct too, but usually struct should be used to conceptualise a data structure to pass around for use, for example a leaf node inside a tree. Yes, classes and structures are interchangeable but following a convention shows professionalism and intention behind the code.

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Ben Lovy Author

This is a really great response, and aligns pretty well with the intuition I'd sort of already been building. Thanks for putting it so clearly, I will keep this in mind.

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