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What is Power BI?

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Since the data generation is happening exponentially, the necessity of business intelligence tools has become more and more in today's world. In the previous article of this blog, we people have discussed regarding Cognos, but there are some other bi tools like power bi in the market. So today in this article, let us have a look at power bi

Before going to move into the actual subject, let us have a quick look at

What is Business Intelligence?

The term business intelligence refers to the technologies, applications, and practices for the collection, integration, and presentation of the business information. This BI technology provides the historical, current, and predictive views of the business operations. Today many tools work on business intelligence. Power BI is one of them, let us have quick of this microsoft BI tool

What is a Power BI?
It is a Microsoft business intelligence platform. This BI tool provides non-technical users with tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing the data. Its interface simple to use for the users who were familiar with Excel. Moreover, Microsoft has developed the product very versatile which requires a little training. Today these tools are available for the users under the license. Besides Microsoft team has also made this product available for the user from small to mid-size business owners free of cost.

Moreover, users can also get this tool as an application platform for windows 10 called power bi desktop and also native mobile apps for Windows, Android as well as IOS. Besides, there is also a Power BI Server for the companies that must maintain their data and reports on-premises. For that, this BI platform requires a special version of the application called Power BI Desktop for Power BI Report Server

Additionally, this platform gives you a productive platform and creative reports as well as the analytics. This microsoft BI suite provides multiple software connectors and services like Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service based on SaaS, and Power BI mobile apps for different mobile platforms. Among this Power BI, the desktop app is responsible to create reports, and Power BI Services are meant for publishing the reports, and finally, Power BI mobile app is used to view the reports as well as dashboards. Moreover, the desktop version of this platform is available on both 32-bit as well as the 64-bit operating system. Hence the users can get the latest version of this application at

These sets of services are used by business users to consume and build UI reports.

Why should you use this tool?
People prefer to utilize this powerful business intelligence tool due to the following reasons:

To utilize pre-built dashboards and reports for the SaaS Solutions
To get the updates of a real-time dashboard
Due to high security as well as a reliable connection to your data sources.
To work with the Quick deployment, hybrid configuration, and the secure environment
To explore the data using Natural Query language

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