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Discussion on: Learning Web Dev on the Web | A Roadmap with Resources

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Nukala Suraj Author

It kinda feels really satisfying to read a critique.
But they say it's pointless to not respond to criticism so... 😜

  1. Yupp, it's extremly pointless implementing auth yourself.. but learning to do something from scratch is perhaps a really great way to learn (anything).
  2. Yupp, I should have mentioned graphQL is an alternative to REST rather than SQL despite being a QL... Imma edit the article right away.
  3. Well there's no point in building an ML/DL algorithm if you can't deploy it in some form, and web is the most versatile form of deployment... with that out of the way, yea you definitely don't need ML to become web dev. 🤩 I really can't put into words how much happy this makes me Thank You Sooo Much