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Building UnSplash Pro

DISCLAIMER: UnSplash Pro is in no way legally related to UnSplash

What Why ??

Before we begin, I'd like to emphasis that the Pro in UnSplash Pro stands for Programmer and not that stands for😝).

You see programmers have certain characteristics attributes:

  1. They are super lazy
  2. They love ctrl+c&ctrl+v
  3. They hate choosing colors and pictures

They hate needing to go out just to snap, edit and process pictures so they can use it in some website
(like whoTF even does that anyways😂)

The point is they hate even doing these series of ultra simple steps:

  1. Choose pic from UnSplash
  2. Downloading pic from UnSplash
  3. Move downloaded pic to the project repo
  4. Type <img src="./pathToPic"/> (and not to mention the alt)

It'd be like heaven if they had a tool of sorts that they could just copy the whole <img/>tag from.

and that's the problem UnSplash Pro solves.

How ?

Contrary to your belief, this is actually a really simple project
Check It Out @ UnSplash Pro

What I used to make it

  1. React: So I could reuse a few of my previously built stuff
  2. FlexBox: Come on that's my greatest flex💪, I can't do any CSS without it

If you'd like to contribute(or check out the code) but pls do contribute🙏😂 here's the code on github

also the readme over there is exactly what you're reading rn so don't bother reading that

Code Style (for Contributors)

Now I've used class components for the whole project. I know I'm prolly the only person alive who still uses class components.

I have my reasons so here me out on this:
Hooks makes the whole thing easier, but you only understand components, when you know what's going on under the hood and hence the project was built with class components.

So how does the copy as a html tag work

It's really just a template string copied to the clipboard.
with the imageURL and description are from the unSplash API

But, What if I want to download/copy just the URL

Don't worry unSplash Pro has got you covered.

  1. The Download
    This is kinda complex but still pretty easy.
    It uses filesaver.js that converts the image to a blob and then sent into your downloads folder.
    The first argument to filesaver.saveAs() is the path/URL of the image, while the second argument specifies the name of the to-be-downloaded file.

  2. Copy URL
    This one is almost exactly the same way we copy HTML code snippets


I think now's the best time to apologize...
I'm super sorry for including images of the code, as a programmer I know you'd be wanting to be able to ctrl+c&ctrl+v, but I'm a programmer too and I'm too lazy to

  1. Go Up
  2. Delete the Images
  3. Make
  4. Pasted the Code

If you had fun reading this... here's my @twitter and @insta
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