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Trying an new framework without internet


I'm a backend developer and I'm working on a new personal project, the rest API is almost done and I thought "It's time to make my app". As it is one of my dreams, I concluded "Do it all by myself", but, I just know a little bit of Angular and just it, meanwhile, I started my search for an cool framework that even working with angular would look as mobile app.

When my hopes was already lost, I found the incredible, Onsen Ui an beautiful "way" to achieve my goal.
I found it just in the night before an three-day weekend in my country, that i would travel to my country house, where, we don't have internet or mobile signal, it's just the place to 'recharge the battery".


As I would be offline for some days, I started the preparation, that is, downloading all sample and documentation (that don't have pdf avalaible, i was forced to download pages from their website) that was possible and obviously, run npm install on my starter project.

Then it began... I noticed that their tutorial is really simple and started to make some fields and the tabs, but, the problem started when I was trying to consume my local api.

CORS... I was intrigued, because, on the response header the cors header was present and I faced the problem that is we are Google and Stack Overflow addicted there was no one that could help me offline. Tried for hours to change the way that I was including my cors header on api. Finally I got my mistake.

I was passing the wrong url and the browser just saying that was Cors error, but actually was an "you are dumb" error. Fixed that and my journey continued, until the first epic was complete.

What I Learned?

I faced a lot of errors (the saddest one was the "cors" that was not cors) and managed to fix them without help, then I realized that this is the real way to learn, If I was on internet, would took some hours to make what I spent 2 days to do, but, if I tried this again in one or two weeks, I would re-spend this time, because wouldn't be me resolving problems, would be the internet.

The point is, we are starting to loose control about what we need to search and what we can think about to solve. If you, reading that, really want to know some new tech, download the docs, set an goal and go offline.

Thanks for reading!

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Loved it!! To learn by yourself is the best way to achieve true knowledge - and then, share it w others. Congrats about solving the "Cors" problem and i wish u success on the app.