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Lucas Vieira
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Easily modify your most used websites with this extension

Who never wanted some feature in our most used websites?

Last week I was thinking and searching about that and I came across tamper monkey, a browser extension that allows the user to run specific javascript scripts everytime we go to a website.

Image description
example: github — change private repositories color
With this extension you will be able do the following:

  • hide sections you dont want to see;
  • show a new valuable information (maybe a sum of values);
  • change the web site appearence;
  • combine the current information to information from other sites;
  • and whatever more your imagination (and js skills) allow you to do.


I basically use this extension to change my most used websites: twitch and github.

a) GITHUB — navigation menu

Github’s navigation bar to me is not the most effeciant since most of its items I’ve literally never used. So I change them to pages I use frequently:

Image description

b) GITHUB — private repositories

I felt like everytime I need to find a repository I was taking longer because github was not proper showing differences between private and public repositories. So I decide to change this.

Image description

c) TWITCH — hide recommendations

One of the things I taking more serious this year is to reduce my exposition to over information and recomendations in the websites I use. It was making me distract a lot of the times. In twitch, it was common to going from streamer to stremer a lot of times per day.

So I made a script to hide recommendation sections, and the result looks like this:

Image description


My main goal in this article was to show that is quite easy to modify you most used websites, and I believe I’ve archived that.

It is worth mentioning that there are a lot of tamper monkey scripts available by its great comunity, but you can always create your own.

For me the best benefit is to reduce time when changing website things, that in other way would needed a own browser extension.

If you have any questions, comment it bellow.

Take care! 🥋


👉 If you need some tutorials to use tamper monkey, there are a lot of tutorials in youtube
👉 If you want my obove showed scripts, you can use find them in this repository
👉 See also all my projects
👉 See also all my tutorials

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sandramsvieira profile image

great idea about twitch, I'm probably going to do something similar to youtube to avoid distractions. Thank you!