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Lucas H.

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Super handy program for increasing productivity on one screen

Hey everyone, just saw this new application launch by someone on Twitter. It seems pretty gamechanging for one-screen environments (for me for my laptop for example). 😎

It allows you to switch applications with a super simple shortcut: alt+[number 1-10] 🙌

Now, it may seem unnecessary because you've got Alt+tab, but it's been pretty handy for me so far! Check out the demo video: 💕

If you want to download it, you can do it here, it's 100% free & opensource: 👀
Check out the source too, and maybe give it a star: 🙌

Note: I did not make this. I just wanted to share it with the community because it's really handy for use on my laptop, where I have limited screen and constantly switch between apps with alt+tab, which becomes tedious and annoying when you have loads of programs open

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Victor Aremu • Edited on

Thank you 3000! Like, share, star, loop.