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Luca Guadagnini
Luca Guadagnini

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Let's introduce ourselves

Hi there all!

I'm Luca from a not that big city in the north of Italy, Trento. I'm an ordinary computer scientist loving work with Java and dig into object-oriented concepts (such as object thinking), patterns and principles about Domain-Driven Design. My experience as a developer started during Commodore 64 days when I recorded my first personal diary application on a tape (good times!) with Basic. Then I had to learn other technologies and programming languages at High School, University and job.
However, when I have to learn design principles and patterns, I always choose Java because of three aspects:

  • Philosophy, Java is traditionalist, takes time to have some language syntax upgrade because of retro-compatibility, but frankly? I don't care. I am always able to do anything I need with it;
  • Nostalgia, Java was my programming language during my Univerisity days, since Merlin (codename for version 1.4.0) and when I'm coding with it, I feel like I'm in one of the best days of my life;
  • History, how Java changed OOP; the rise and fall of Sun Microsystems; Oracle vs. Google; the paper about «generics» written by Odersky; OpenJDK; etc.

I could say other things about Java, OpenJDK, object-oriented paradigm, history and so on, but I prefer to let the blog speak for me with my posts (if I can keep a pace).

Oh, wait! As you can see on the top, I will always put a movie reference to these three: Blade Runner, Excalibur and Clash of the Titans (because I like reading sci-fi, Arthurian cycle and most of all, mythology).

See you next time!

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