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Top 10 Front End Development Tools In 2021

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Over the last few years, web development has significantly evolved. We all are moving towards digitization and making online presence of organizations by building a business website. Website development needs technical knowledge along with the latest tools and trends that continuously appear in the market. Lots of libraries and frameworks appear in the market and replace the less efficient ones. But with the increasing number of web development tools, selecting the best one for your project can be difficult. So here, we’ve listed the best front-end development tools, libraries and frameworks that you can use in 2021. Let us see, which are those. Before digging into the front end development tools, let us see what is front end development.

What Is Front End Web Development?

Front end developers are client-side developers that produce HTML, CSS and Javascript for a website that helps clients interact with a web page without any problem. These developers ensure that the website is user-friendly and looks good. When you visit a page, you can see landing pages, buttons, aesthetics etc, are taken care of by a front end developer. Front-end development is highly in-demand, exciting and highly paying career. Front-end development tools build things together with the help of ever-improving version control systems. Let’ see the 10 best front-end development tools in 2021.

Top 10 Front End Development Tools In 2021-

1. Chrome DevTools-
Google chrome offers various web development tools that can view and transform the DOM and the style of a page. With these tools, one can run and debug JavaScript in the console, view messages, identify issue rapidly, edit pages immediately, apply styles to html elements and optimize the website speed. One can use these tools with a single browser.

By using Chrome DevTools, you can check network activity.
These tools have various functionalities for security panels such as identifying securing problems and for memory panel, network panel, application panel, elements panel, console panel, source panel and device mode.
By using functionalities of the performance panel, you can identify forced synchronous layouts, optimize speed, runtime performance.

2. WebStorm-
It offers smart coding support for Javascript and gives coding support for Meteor, VueJS, ReactJS and Angular. Also, webstorm helps developers code more proficiently while working on a big project. Let us see some of the great features of WebStorm-


  • Integrates with famous command-line tools to develop web
  • It provides in-built debugger for Node.js apps and client-side code
  • Highly customizable to suit different coding styles perfectly
  • It offers a unified interface to work with several popular version control systems
  • Assists developers to code appropriately while working on a big project
  • Spy.JS in-built tools helps to trace JS code.

3. SaaS-
It is most dependable and robust web development tools which helps to extend functionality of existing CSS like variables, inheritance and easy nesting. SaaS is an open-source project which pulls refreshed CSS preprocessors. It gives you a hand recorded as a hard copy that can be handily kept up, so diminishing the measure of CSS you need to code. Before you can use SaaS, your projects need to be configured with it. SaaS allows you to settle a CSS area using a method that follows the visual order of HTML.


  • It is Simple to compose any code, acknowledges language expansion like variables, inheritance and nesting.
  • Has numerous helpful capacities to control tones and different qualities
  • Has advanced functions like library control directives
  • It has a big community
  • SaaS is compatible with CSS.
  • Has features of Arguments, Variables, Nesting, Loops etc. One can streamline large Stylesheets using SASS Supports many inheritances

4. Grunt-
It is one of the best front-end development tools in 2021 used to automate routine tasks included in the development process. Grunt offers included modules for normal tasks and is completely adaptable and broadly received. Also, it offers an alternative in contrast to recording a wide range of assignments that work effectively for your necessities. Grunt enables automation of daily tasks like unit testing, minification and compiling. Most important advantage of using Grunt over other tool is- it includes a huge number of plugins that developers can pre-configure for maximum tasks.


  • Ecosystem of Grunt is massive. So you can automate everything with less effort
  • Speed up the development procedure and improves the project’s performance
  • Incorporates in-built jobs to maximize scripts and plugin’s functionality
  • It has a direct approach. Includes tasks in Javascript and config in JSON.
  • Makes the workflow as simple as writing setup files

5. NPM-
It addresses the Node bundle manager for JavaScript. Through Npm, you can find reusable code bundes and collect them in great and new ways. This front end web development tool is a command line utility for cooperating with a named repository which helps in bundling.


  • Publishes and streamlines the availability of namespaces.
  • Assures code finding and helps reuse within the groups and teams
  • It directs private and public code through the same workflow
  • Decides and reprocesses more than 470000 free code packages in the provided registry.

6. TypeScript-
It is a modern front-end development tool which is designed to develop large apps and compiles to javascript. It is a firm syntactical superset of Javascript that adds optional static typing. TypeScript starts from the equivalent syntax and semantics that most of the Javascript designers know. It accumulates to new, easy Javascript code which works on any browsers in Node.js or in any Javascript motor that ropes ECMAScript 3.


  • It Connects other JavaScript libraries.
  • Supports definition files that can contain type data of existing * Javascript libraries, like C, C++ header files
  • Can be accomplished to use TypeScript on numerous environments supported by JavaScript.
  • It is portable across different devices, browsers, and operating systems.

7. Angular-
It is a google-created, open-source Javascript framework which allows developers to create RICH web apps, and provides productivity and scalable infrastructure to the most significant apps. Angular provides a framework for client-side MVC architectures which simplifies the development process and testing of any single-page apps.

This tool allows you to reuse your code and capabilities for developing apps for any deployment targets. Since many years, AngularJS development services have been used by numerous organizations to develop best apps. Every IDE and editor provides you angular-specific support and feedback. Also angular helps you to focus on building best apps rather than making the code applicable.

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