The Happy World of ngrok

Laura Weatherhead on November 27, 2018

Current favourite tool: ngrok Have you ever wanted to share something still in development with a product manager, project manager or even anot... [Read Full]
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ngrok is my most favourite utility for web app development.

It helps a lot especially when you're developing serverless apps or apps that talk to other entities in the internet. All you gotta do is setup a local server and hook ngrok to your app and see how it works in the cloud.

I'll consider it to be one of the most underrated tools used today.


In case you don't want to use a third party services, you can achieve (almost) similar setup with ssh reverse tunnel and tools like tcpproxy or caddy. I shared about it here -

One thing missing is the request inspection, which I'm still thinking how to get it with existing tools, without having me to code the features myself ;)


It’s not just for development. I once used it to play a game with a friend without setting up an online server. He had next to no lag whatsoever.


Yup it's really helpful for development mode. We test our APIs like this before passing it on for QA.


I wonder how ngrok is compared to localtunnel.

Local Tunnel works fine for me. It's an npm package and offers JS/Go API for automation.

There is one missing feature though. I can't change the local port number w/o creating another tunnel.


Interesting, I will give a try. I am actually searching for a way to do https locally in a clean way.


Nice! Hadn't heard of ngrok before. Def. sounds useful for the reasons you mentioned 👌


As a security professional, ngrok horrifies me.

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