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Hey, really great write up. I missed the talk at Manchester Web Meetup, but wanted to see this talk, when I first learned React a few years I looked at how the Virtual DOM was put together and did a similar createElement/mount function pair, but I think the real power on the Virtual DOM, especially when used in React is the diffing mechanism. I didnt attempt that at the time, but I think what you have put above is great because I think it helps show why/how frameworks like React update themselves in reaction to changes and you do it with understandable and clean code, awesome :D


Thank you so much! Writing clean and elegant code is my passion. I tried to keep things clean so that people can understand it.


I'm the same, I think there is a lot to be gained from clean code, not just for yourself, but for other developers that do (or will) work with it too :) Doing it in example/tutorial code even more so as it improves the value and quality of the article, like you have here :)

I am so glad I found someone who appreciate this. ❤❤

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